Reinacherstrasse 129, 4053 Basel  +41 61 331 70 10

About Crossroads


Crossroads is a Christ-centered church reaching, building and equipping English-speakers in the greater Basel area to realise their potential through Christ.


Our mission is to be an evangelical, English language, international, self-governing and elder-led congregation of Christian believers. Crossroads will accomplish this by holding to our core values of evangelism, discipleship (teaching), fellowship, worship and service. We will be accommodating, not compromising, by being an accessible and contemporary church.

Core values

To help maintain unity, fellowship and direction, we have identified these core values that make our church unique.


A church home for Christ followers from all over the world, including Switzerland.


A community of believers that welcomes believers of all church affiliations and no church affiliation at all.


Our statement of faith makes clear our commitment to the Bible as our foundation for faith and practice.


We are called to reach permanent residents and expatriates throughout the Basel region with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. We will always be seeking the most effective means for making a relevant presentation to those who are not now Christ followers. Our mission starts with greater Basel and reaches out to the whole world by supporting missions, missionaries and by going ourselves.


We will do everything possible to make those who do not have a church home, or who have no church background, feel comfortable and accepted. We will try our best to make our faith understandable and to present it with the kind of excellence that honors God and motivates people.


We will reach out to those in need, whether or not they are part of our fellowship. We will conduct our business, activities and fellowship – inside and outside the church – in the love of Christ. We want to fulfill the demands of love by committing ourselves to God and to each other.


We are a community of learners who seek to know Jesus better through the study of his Word and worship. This means that prayer is a high priority as we seek to know the mind of Christ. We provide learning opportunities for children and youth, inquirers, new believers and those who have been followers of Christ for a very long time.


Crossroads is supported by team-based ministry with the goal that everyone who finds a home in our church should be involved in the life of the congregation. This includes giving of talents, time and finances for the enhancement and edification of the community.


We recognise that we are part of the body of Christ throughout Basel and we value fellowship and co-operation with all the churches in the city.