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Archive for May, 2014

Capturing the Moments of Life

Last week my brother-in-law tweeted a quote from Mark Batterson’s book called Soul Print.  Batterson writes, “Time may be measured in minutes, but life is measured in moments.” That got my attention and got me thinking about the moments in life that I experience. Here are some things that came to mind:  The ‘teachable moment’ […]

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Knowledge Isn’t Enough

Last Friday, a man was arrested at the Frankfurt airport for attempting to smuggle tropical animals. While on his way to Barcelona his suitcase was X-rayed and they found 55 tortoises, 30 arboreal alligator lizards, 4 horned vipers and 1 spiny-tailed iguana. Apparently these were all in the same suitcase. I have many questions about […]

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Even in the storm

The other day I needed to leave the office and run a quick errand. The weather has been unpredictable but when I looked outside the sun was shining. Shortly after I started my walk black clouds rolled in and it started to rain. A couple minutes later the sun was out and it was shining […]

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God’s Everyday Care

Don’t you hate it when someone borrows something from you and then loses it? What’s worse than that? How about when you borrow something from a friend and lose it? Don’t you feel embarrassed going back to your friend? In 2 Kings 6 we read about a building project that the school of prophets had […]

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