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Archive for August, 2014

Directions for Life

When people ask what Crossroads Basel is all about I say, “Direction for Life and Friends for the Journey.”  We are all looking for direction in our life. Every day we face choices and have decisions to make. Every so often we stand at a crossroads and need to know which road is the right […]

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Ten Things Jesus Said That We Should Remember

I think that reading through the gospels on a regular basis should be a consistent part of our discipleship. It’s in the gospelswhere we really meet Jesus and get a clearer picture of who he is and what he teaches. All scripture is written for our benefit and no verses are more important or more […]

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Being a Christian is Dangerous

It hit a little too close, news that friends in China have been arrested under the guise of stealing secrets from the Chinese government. Ridiculous! Our friends aren’t interested in Chinese government secrets but they did have a mission there and they were doing it successfully – helping to build the kingdom of heaven. Last […]

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Bread of Life

Have you ever noticed how often food is mentioned in the Bible? It starts with a healthy dose of fruit in the Garden of Eden. Then there’s Esau who sells his birthright for a pot of stew. Before the Exodus from Egypt the Jews ate lamb and unleavened bread. They were headed to the land […]

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