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Archive for November, 2014

Children are a Blessing

This weekend my youngest child turns 13. That means that for two weeks I will be the father of four teenage children. Then in mid-December my oldest daughter turns 20. How did this happen? I mean, when did this happen? It seems like only yesterday I was getting my driver’s license, heading off to university […]

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2 Things for a Lasting Marriage

A couple in my home province of Ontario celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary this week. Clem and Millie Mintz are officially the longest married couple in Canada. Millie has Alzheimer’s disease now. Clem spends each day with her as they talk and listen to music together. Clem was asked if there was a reason that […]

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3 Things That Can Steal Your Joy

As Christians we can’t count on everything going our way all the time. Rather we need to train ourselves to be content in whatever our circumstances. We need to depend on the Lord for our joy. Along the way we need to watch out for things that can steal our joy. Comparing ourselves with others. […]

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A Thousand Tongues or More

Here in Switzerland there are three official languages – German, French and Italian. In the canton of Graubünden there is a fourth language, Romansh, which has official status. But those are just the official languages, the ones you find on the cereal box at breakfast. In addition to those, there are various dialects of Swiss […]

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