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Archive for May, 2015

10 Bible Verses For Your Day

Some weeks I have a story to tell or a Bible passage to explain. This week I’ve found myself thinking about a number of verses. Each one is a source of encouragement and strength to me, so I thought I’d just share them and leave you to ponder God’s word. Enjoy. But he said to […]

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He Loved Us First

It’s easy to get discouraged in our Christian walk. When we focus on our shortcomings and sins, we can find ourselves moving further away from God rather than closer to him. We need to focus more on the God who loves us. I’ve discovered that many Christians feel that God’s love and acceptance of them […]

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It’s good to be prepared

One of the things that is difficult to get used to in our community is saying goodbye. International communities, by nature, tend to be somewhat transient. People are moving in and out all the time. You feel like you get to know someone and they are off again. Sometimes you are the one who is […]

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Computers and Anger

Over the years I’ve had my share of frustration with computers. My laptop will crash at the worst possible moment. The home computer won’t load the software I need. There are times when I am trying to enter simple data and the program isn’t working. Yes, there have been many frustrating moments. Most people I […]

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