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Archive for June, 2015

Will This Matter a Year from Now?

What problem are you dealing with today? What issue has you all worked up? Is it an argument with your spouse? Did you make a mistake at work? Did you lose some money or have you missed a great opportunity? Are you feeling ill and needing to take some time off? Has someone disappointed you? […]

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Jesus Asks Some Good Questions

Asking good questions can lead to great personal insights and learning. Asking good questions can challenge our assumptions and affect our actions. Asking good questions can be hard work. My children often ask me for help with their homework. They hope that I might just give them the answers so they can complete the assignment. […]

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Think About Such Things

A couple was travelling across the country and got hungry. They decided to stop at a truck stop and have supper. They weren’t sure about eating at that type of roadside diner but they were hungry enough to give it a go. As they approached the door, a truck driver walked out of the restaurant. […]

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A Respectable Sin

In his book entitled “Respectable Sins”, Jerry Bridges talks about one of the most widespread and subtle sins among Christians: ungodliness. How is it possible that good Christian people can be called ungodly? Ungodliness and unrighteousness are not the same thing. Unrighteousness is sinful action in thought, word or deed, whereas ungodliness is an attitude […]

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