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Archive for July, 2015

High Tech, High Touch

I was having trouble last week with my banking card. So I decided to call the bank and find out what the problem was. I poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down at the computer and called the bank. I was prepared to sit through several minutes of listening to music while on hold, […]

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Who Is He?

When I was growing up there was a popular TV show in Canada called Front Page Challenge. A panel of journalists had to guess the identity of a mystery guest. The mystery guest was usually a well-known person who was currently in the news. Guests could include famous musicians, politicians, authors and various types of […]

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He was warned. But he got eaten by the alligator anyway. A marina owner recently put up a sign next to the bayou, “Beware of Alligator.” The twelve-foot-long reptile had been seen lurking about the area. Alligators are common in that part of Texas but don’t usually hang around developed areas. Local people were advised […]

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Debts That Can’t Be Paid

The front page news here in Europe is all about the debt crisis in Greece. On Sunday Greeks voted against a bailout package. No one is really sure how this is all going to play out or what it means for the future of Greece and the Eurozone. But it’s going to be painful. One […]

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3 Things For Summer

One year Tom and Janice bought their dream house. It was a big step financially but they had been planning for some time and were overjoyed when they finally moved in. A week later their car died and they needed to buy a new one. When the summer holidays rolled around someone asked them if […]

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