Better Than Victory

What’s better than victory? Better than achieving a goal? We all love victory. We love to win. Whether it’s a sport, a board game or a personal goal, we love accomplishment.  Bookstores and social media sites are full of advice on how to win or how to achieve our goals. Why shouldn’t we seek to … [Read more…]

Five Thoughts About Refugees

For part of his homework this week my son asked me about the difference between “migrant” and “refugee.” I explained that while all refugees are migrants not all migrants are refugees. That wasn’t really very helpful to him. So I said that we are migrants (or immigrants) because we have left our home country but … [Read more…]

The “Little Sins”

Sue Markham really wanted a dog. Her husband wasn’t so keen on the idea. He finally relented and agreed that they could get a dog if it was a small one that wouldn’t take up too much space in their home. Sue began looking for a puppy at animal shelters and when she saw little … [Read more…]