How do you smell?

I live in the city now but I was raised in the country. I love the countryside however I never really liked some of the smells associated with country living. I have to hold my breath when entering a barn, it’s just unpleasant. I remember the days when the wind shifted direction and the smell … [Read more…]

God’s Promises for a New Year

In the tradition where I grew up we spent New Year’s Eve at church. Sometimes it would start early in the evening with a pot-luck meal together. Often there might be games or other activities. It was a time of fun and fellowship for the whole church family. As we got closer to midnight we … [Read more…]

The Best Gift

The kids wanted to know what Dad wanted for Christmas. Dad suggested that they get him a gift that the whole family could get something out of. So they did. They bought Dad a new wallet. It’s Christmas Eve and around the world there will be the giving of gifts. Some people will be running … [Read more…]

Waiting for His Appearing

Christmas, we are told, is a time for peace and joy; a time to celebrate and enjoy the blessings of God. But that’s only part of the Christmas story. We like to pick and choose our Bible verses looking for words to bring comfort. If we take the time to read the whole account of … [Read more…]

A Great Light

It was a hot summer night and the kids couldn’t sleep. Not only was it hot and humid but the mosquitoes were out in full force. Mom, Sandy McIntosh, finally had enough of the kids complaining about the heat and the mosquitoes. She couldn’t do much about the temperature but she could provide relief from … [Read more…]

There Will Be Hardships Too

I’ve been doing my devotions from 2 Timothy for several weeks now. It’s a short book full of relevant and encouraging information for all believers but especially those involved in some kind of ministry. I’ve been using John Stott’s commentary on the book as I go along and it’s been an insightful time. I’m learning … [Read more…]

Children are a Blessing

This weekend my youngest child turns 13. That means that for two weeks I will be the father of four teenage children. Then in mid-December my oldest daughter turns 20. How did this happen? I mean, when did this happen? It seems like only yesterday I was getting my driver’s license, heading off to university … [Read more…]

2 Things for a Lasting Marriage

A couple in my home province of Ontario celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary this week. Clem and Millie Mintz are officially the longest married couple in Canada. Millie has Alzheimer’s disease now. Clem spends each day with her as they talk and listen to music together. Clem was asked if there was a reason that … [Read more…]

3 Things That Can Steal Your Joy

As Christians we can’t count on everything going our way all the time. Rather we need to train ourselves to be content in whatever our circumstances. We need to depend on the Lord for our joy. Along the way we need to watch out for things that can steal our joy. Comparing ourselves with others. … [Read more…]

A Thousand Tongues or More

Here in Switzerland there are three official languages – German, French and Italian. In the canton of Graubünden there is a fourth language, Romansh, which has official status. But those are just the official languages, the ones you find on the cereal box at breakfast. In addition to those, there are various dialects of Swiss … [Read more…]