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Compassion International

Compassion is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with children suffering from poverty all over the world. Crossroads has supported young Andy Turnip in Indonesia through the Swiss arm of the mission for the past 7 years. Recently another 38 children have been sponsored by individual members of the congregation.

The Sunday School has ‘adopted’ Andy and communicates with him regularly, receiving letters back from him in return.

The children are encouraged to bring tithes to church to support Andy, to teach them to give and help those who are less fortunate. They have also raised funds for him in addition to those donated monthly by the church. Compassion ensures that all funding is used to help Andy and his family in a sustainable way.

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Wycliffe Bible Translators

Crossroads partners with the F. family who are involved in Bible translation projects in Russia and neighboring countries. There are many people groups in post-Soviet countries that are largely unreached with the Gospel. Wycliffe and its partners provide access to Scripture to people in their heart languages. Nowadays, electronic formats make it easier for people to obtain Bible texts, read them or listen to them. M.F. specializes in IT and Digital Media work. Among other things, he has been involved in the creation and distribution of Bible applications for mobile devices. He also trains and supports others in this area.

Please contact the Missions Committee ( to get in touch with the family. Click here to learn more about Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Partners Relief and Development

Partners works in two main areas – the Middle East and Southeast Asia (Myanmar and Thailand).

War and oppression have devastating consequences on the freedom and well-being of innocent children caught in the crossfire. Partners works in communities touched by conflict to ensure these children are protected and have all they need to reach their full potential.

1 in every 113 people are displaced. Over half of those are children. That’s over 65 million people globally who have been forcibly displaced by war, violence, and persecution. Partners believes that no border or barrier should stop people from experiencing God’s love. That’s why they go where others have said they cannot, working with vulnerable and displaced communities that are difficult to reach in order to bring practical solutions that build a future for children free from hardship and exploitation.

With the church’s help, they not only bring relief aid into desperate situations, but have been planning for and re-building infrastructure to meet children’s primary needs; working side-by-side, together with the people themselves.

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Wakisa Ministries

Under the leadership of Vivian Kityo, who is a qualified midwife, they run a pregnancy crisis centre in Kampala, Uganda, offering pregnant teenagers refuge and the good news of the Gospel, as well as education and various life skills.

Their vision is: “The promotion of dignity and self-esteem of young girls in Uganda with crisis pregnancy while addressing their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. This is achieved by providing temporary shelter, counselling and care services, providing opportunities for Christian growth and discipleship and equipping them with life and vocational skills, thus transforming the lives of this vulnerable group”.

One of their objectives is to reintegrate young mothers, who were forced to drop out as a result of early pregnancies, into schools and higher institutions of learning. This would result in an improvement in the standard of living of young mothers and their babies; it would reduce the high level of illiteracy among women as a result of dropping out of schools due to unwanted pregnancy; it would give them hope for the future after conception and delivery; it would improve their self-esteem. Over 60 young mothers have been reintegrated into schools over the last ten years.

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Ancora strives to provide dignity and hope to displaced peoples in the cross-border town and area of Lörrach (Germany) as well as further afield, while facilitating and strengthening community and relationships. Ancora strengthens relationships with displaced peoples through facilitating community programs and projects focused on health and fitness, education, and training.

Ancora’s projects provide pathways for followers of Jesus to engage with refugees in natural ways, and provide opportunities for deeper relationships to develop. By being the hands and feet of Jesus in practical ways, they show the love of Christ and have a natural context for sharing the Gospel.

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Rahab is a Christian, non-profitable organization which falls under the umbrella of the Basel Salvation Army. Their focus is an outreach to women who work in prostitution. They visit them in their own environment, whether it is on the street, in the bars, salons, or private places. Focus is not only on their physical well-being but also on their psychological and spiritual well-being.

Rahab provides Christian literature in different languages: Bibles, New Testaments, Daily Bread, etc. as well as small gifts.  These can be chocolates, body lotion, cookies, or a handmade craft. During the holidays, special gifts are provided which have been made by their creative ladies.

They also work with Aliena, a counselling centre. Every Wednesday a free lunch is provided by Aliena and a small team is there to offer prayer and conversation. Once a month a free dinner is offered. During this evening, Rahab provides not only spiritual support but also fun activities such as manicures or pedicures. It’s a special time, because the women open up and many have never had a warm touch to their hands, arms or feet without wanting something in return. There are also different events throughout the year which are free and where homemade special dishes are provided.

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