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Snow Trip

4 January 2020 - 11 January 2020

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A good start to 2020!

Starting at just CHF 545 including a bed, meals and a ski pass!

Grab the opportunity! Start the new year well! Come have a fabulous time in the snow, connect with people from Crossroads and enjoy times of worship & teaching which will enrich your life!

If you have all your gear, you can have a week in the snow for only CHF 545, including accommodation, all meals and a full ski pass! In that way, we want to make it accessible for many people. Of course, it will be more expensive if you need to rent gear and take lessons, but we will also be able to get those things for you at a discount.

The registration link is at the end of this page. Please read all the information below before registering.


4-11 January 2020, Saturday to Saturday. You are expected to arrive before dinner time on Saturday, 4 January and leave after breakfast on Saturday, 11 January.


The Jungfrau ski region, just below Interlaken, an area with over 200 kilometres of ski runs of all sorts, a ski area ranging up to 2’970 metres high, 5 trains, 8 gondolas, 14 chairlifts and 9 Schlepplifts. The region is very certain of good snow and comprises the winter sport villages of Mürren, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen and Grindelwald.

We will be staying in Stechelberg at the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley in an old, somewhat rustic, but still comfortable chalet called ‘Alpenhof’. This house is normally run as a B&B, but for this occasion, we will have the entire house to ourselves. The house is in a really stunning, rather remote location, but it is still just a short journey to the slopes!

If you only “do snow” in Club Med type circumstances, this week might not be for you. The chalet is clean, warm and comfortable, but it has no wi-fi and it has no ensuite bathtub waiting for you after your ski adventures. It has shared bathroom facilities: one set for the ladies and another set for the men. We eat in a cosy dining room where we will also have our evening sessions, and there is a sitting room with a warm fire place and room for reading, playing a game, putting down a jigsaw puzzle and lots of good conversations.

Please note: inside the house, you need to wear house slippers that you don’t wear outside, so bring your house slippers along! No outside footwear allowed inside the house! There is storage for skis and snowboards and a separate room for boots. The people that will rent material can store their stuff in a storage room of the rental shop in Mürren.

How about the food?

That is all taken care of – no worries about shopping and cooking. Experienced cook Leila will do the shopping and prepare lovely, healthy and tasty meals for us. Breakfasts in the morning are buffet-style, you can prepare a sack-lunch during breakfast to take along on the snow adventures; when you get back to the chalet there are some drinks and snacks as après-ski and at dinner time there is a sit-down, home-cooked meal waiting for you.

If you indicate what dietary restrictions you have at time of registration, we will try to reckon with that. If your restrictions are very serious, the cook will contact you to establish with you what you need to bring yourself. Please remember: restrictions, not preferences!

Roll up your sleeves

To keep costs low, we expect all participants to pitch in with some chores. We’ll make a schedule so that everyone gets a turn in setting tables, cleaning up, washing dishes and chopping vegetables. You won’t be working all week: your chores will be limited to just one day in the week! The owners and caretakers of the building will do the cleaning of the bathroom facilities.

How to get to the snow

From our accommodation in the Lauterbrunnen valley, we will go up to the slopes where we can use gravity to enjoy skiing and snowboarding! How will we do that? There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. From the chalet, you walk over the bridge 240 metres to the bus stop, then you step into the bus and travel for a few minutes to the Stechelberg-to-Mürren gondola. There you take the gondola and in about half an hour altogether you are coming down your first slope. Mürren/Schilthorn is also the ski area that goes up highest and has an excellent and cold upper part, even when it happens to be warm on the lower part.
  2. From the chalet, you walk over the bridge to the bus stop and take the bus to Lauterbrunnen. From there, you take the train up to either Wengen or Kleine Scheidegg. From there, the entire Wengen ski area is available to you. The train is a slow ride, but very idyllic. Alternatively, you can take the car and park it in the parking garage in Lauterbrunnen and then take the train up. Unfortunately, Wengen is not accessible by car.
  3. Same as 2., but in Lauterbrunnen, you take the train to Zweilütschinen and from there you take the train to Grindelwald Bahnhof. There you take the bus to the gondola that takes you up to the Grindelwald First snow area. Alternatively, you take the car to Grindelwald, park it and walk to the gondola.
  4. You can ski down from the Kleine Scheidegg area to the Grindelwald Bahnhof and hop over from the one ski area to the other.
  5. You can also ski down from Mürren to the Lauterbrunnen gondola.

Anyways, long story short: we’ll help you find your way around. The snow areas are really worth the little travelling you have to do. And in the meantime, you will get to know your snow mates a lot better.

In the standard price for the snow trip, there is a 6-day ski pass included (Sunday through Friday) for the entire Jungfrau area. You will receive the ski pass on Saturday night as we will purchase them for you at a group discount.

For people that are just learning to ski or snowboard, they can take a ski pass that is only valid for the Mürren area, which is likely to be sufficient for a first-time snow experience. It gives a little bit of a discount (not as much since we don’t get a group discount on just a few particular passes).

How to get to Stechelberg

It is your own responsibility to get to Stechelberg. With the car, it is about 2 hours driving from Basel SBB. With public transport, it takes about 3 hours: train to Interlaken, then switch to the train to Lauterbrunnen, then take bus 141 all the way to the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley – from there, you walk over the bridge and the Alpenhof is warm and inviting. Very easy and comfortable!

If you don’t have a car, you can possibly arrange a ride with someone else, but this is up to you to organise.

I need gear

If you don’t have ski or snowboard gear, or not all of it, we have arranged with a rental shop in Mürren that we can rent at a discounted group price. On the first day of our week, we’ll walk you to the shop and they’ll supply you with your measurements for whatever you need. In the quoted prices, ‘economy’ level gear is what we’re looking at. This is sufficient unless you are nearing professional levels. You can rent the premium stuff if you want, but you will have to pay some extra afterwards. Helmets are also additional and can be rented at the shop at an extra cost.

You will have to bring your own snow clothes; you cannot rent them at the shop. If you don’t have them, there may be people around you from whom you can borrow these if this is your first and maybe only time you plan to play in the snow.

I need lessons

If this is your very first time in the snow (i.e. you are a ‘novice’), or you want to polish up your previously acquired skills, there is the opportunity to take lessons either in skiing or snowboarding. You can arrange that yourself at a school in Mürren (which is closest), or in Wengen or Grindelwald (which will be hard to get to in time for morning lessons).

If you want to take lessons, please indicate so in your registration. If there are sufficient numbers, we might be able to arrange the lessons at a group discount price with the ski school in Mürren. These will be additional costs for which you will be charged after the snow trip.

For who?

This week is an excellent opportunity for:

  • Good snow
  • Good friendships
  • Good worship
  • Good teaching
  • Good food
  • First-timers
  • Learning to ski or snowboard
  • People that don’t want to spend thousands of francs on a week in the snow
  • People that have skied many times before and also want good company

This snow trip is organised by Crossroads International Church of Basel, but will also be open to friends of people that call Crossroads their home church.

What to bring?

  • ID
  • Health insurance card
  • House slippers
  • Towels (but there is no need to bring bed linen – this will be provided)
  • Toiletries
  • Gloves for while you’re on the slopes
  • Clothing, including ski clothing (cannot be rented)
  • If you bring your own gear: your skis or snowboard and boots
  • A small torch/flashlight might come in handy during nightly visits to the bathroom
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Games

The fine print: house rules

  • No smoking inside the chalet
  • Don’t throw anything in the toilet other than toilet paper
  • Potential frost risk: please close the windows in the toilets and showers
  • No girls in guys rooms and no guys in girls rooms (unless you’re a married couple staying in a double bedroom)
  • No drugs of any kind
  • You need to be properly insured for health costs and snow sports
  • No skiing or boarding alone
  • Drinking alcohol: we expect you to know your responsibility and respect your limits. If you get drunk in any degree, we will ask you to leave
  • 10:00 PM is quiet time – no noise permitted in the sleeping areas and outside
  • You need to be fit for skiing or snowboarding, so get enough sleep

Remember: you are on a group trip, which means being considerate of others!


The cost of the Snow Trip depends on how many people you share a room with and whether you’re able to bring your own equipment. The price range is CHF 545 to CHF 1’065 for the week (not including ski lessons).

Here are the different cost components of the trip (prices in CHF):

Accommodation: (includes all meals and ski pass)
1a) One bed in a room for 2 persons: 610
1b) One bed in a room for 4 persons: 570
1b) One bed in a room for 6 persons 545

Ski lessons:
Note: you will hear after registration whether we can organise this for the group with a group discount or if you have to organise this yourself.
2a) I want ski lessons (5 sessions, 10 hours total): TBD – pay afterwards
2b) I want snowboard lessons (5 sessions, 10 hours total): TBD – pay afterwards

Material and discounts:
3a) I need to rent skis, ski poles and ski boots: 210
3b) I need skis and ski poles, but no ski boots: 140
3c) I need ski boots, but no skis and no ski poles: 75
3d) I need a snowboard and snowboard boots: 210
3e) I need snowboard boots but no snowboard: 75
3f) I need a snowboard, but no snowboard boots: 140
3g) I need a helmet for head protection: 30
4) I don’t need a full ski-pass, a pass for Mürren is enough for me: -25


Please click the button below to access the registration form. Please fill in one registration form per person.

After submitting this form, you will be sent an e-mail with an Excel document – please fill it in and send it back to let us know which options you have chosen.



4 January 2020
11 January 2020


Nico Hoogenraad


Alpenhof (Alpenhof Stechelberg Jones & Sifis)
Rütti 489
Stechelberg, 3824 Switzerland
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